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San Diego style breakfast burritos and other treats

Always looking for new spots to sling burritos and great members to join the team. Reach out if you want fresh burritos in your shop or want to work with us!

About Us

Daylight is influenced by late-night/morning taco shop trips, good music cruising the strand in Oceanside, California, family and the deep and plentiful cultures of home. From that came a strong desire to introduce something nostalgic, delicious and classic as a new option to consider for breakfast and lunch with your friends and family.We're a small team who loves to pour into people, have a great time and give our buds a really special burrito to eat.

We exist to inspire belonging in those who don't feel they do, as well as remind those who may have forgotten.

"What is a California Burrito?"

A "California Burrito" is simply adding a fried potato, classically french fries, to the burrito. That's it. That extra crunch adds delicious texture and additional flavor as well to round out an already delicious burrito.

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